Why we need blank license plate tags

By JEFFREY KLAINE, Associated PressThe federal government is planning to put blank license-plate tags on vehicles in an effort to make it easier to identify and track down people who commit crimes.

The Federal Highway Administration said Tuesday that it will begin using license plate readers in mid-2017.

The agency said it is looking at several technology options to help police and the public understand what cars and vehicles are involved in crimes and why.

The program will initially be deployed to motor vehicle data systems that are used to record license plates, but will eventually be rolled out to all major commercial vehicle tracking systems.

In addition, the agency said its goal is to get license plate recognition on all commercial vehicle systems within five years.

It will also begin using cameras and other sensors to capture license plate data and upload it to a national database.

The data will be used to determine the owner of vehicles involved in criminal activity and to develop traffic enforcement programs.

The project is expected to cost between $50 million and $100 million.

It is expected the agency will spend $5 million a year to support license plate tagging, but it is unclear how many vehicles it will target.

The department is currently spending $1 million a day to tag cars that have been involved in accidents.

The Department of Homeland Security is also looking at the technology, which will be similar to one in use in the U.S.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the agency is working on technology that will enable it to tag vehicles.

The government’s new technology will also be used in the United Kingdom and Australia.


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