Wisconsin license plate with the word “death” and a skull and crossbones is banned

A Wisconsin license plates with the words “death plate” and the skull and crossesbones have been banned from the state.

The new regulations are designed to discourage plates with religious symbols, and the letters and numbers have a skull.

They are designed as a symbol of the Christian faith, and critics say it shows an exclusion of people from the faith.

The rules are in effect until June 2019, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

They ban the use of the word death, as well as the word skull and crossedbones, and are designed for license plates dating back to 1967.

The plates, which are designed with the phrase “We’re Not All Believers,” were issued in 2011 and include the words, “WISCONSIN IS AN AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY FIRST, WISCONGSIDE” on the plate.

The plates have been on sale at most state license-plate shops for at least four years.

Critics of the law say it sends the wrong message to those who might be interested in driving on the state’s roads, and to people who may not have a religious preference.

The lettering and the lettering of the letters on the license plates also could be interpreted to mean they are not appropriate for use by licensed drivers.

A spokesman for the Wisconsin State Patrol told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the agency is not aware of any complaints of religious or political language in the plates.

The Department of Motor Vehicles told ABC News in a statement that the law is being enforced as intended and that no other restrictions are being placed on the use or display of the plates in the state, as they are in the U.S.

A spokesperson for the state Department of Commerce told ABCNews.com the Wisconsin plates do not violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The Wisconsin DMV said in a news release that the Wisconsin DOT has been working with state officials on the issue and that there is no current threat to the public from the new rules.

The WISP has been in contact with local law enforcement agencies and has provided additional assistance to the WISDP in the event of any further issues, according the news release.


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